POU UIRA Haka 04.-06.05.2018 – english

POU UIRA Haka 04.-06. May 2018

UIRA: electrify, activate, awaken (NOW is the time to awaken to the Karanga of our greater calling and life’s task).

POU UIRA is an initiating Haka dance of transformation, transmitting and activating ancient knowledge through modern day concepts. The Pou Uira Haka is a teaching element from the Grandmothers Healing Haka Charitable Trust’s ‘Integral Learning Programme’ that is practiced in many countries around the world.

HAKA is a traditional power dance of the Maori from Aotearoa, New Zealand. Haka is known for it’s strong vocal expression and dynamic body language and has become famous in the world of rugby. There are many different Haka demonstrating many different messages. It is most common for them to express their Wairua (spiritual) and ancestral origins. This art form not only can prepare you for battle or sport, but it can also ground you bringing you confidence, strength and balance.

HEALING HAKA promotes health, wellbeing and reflects the learning processes that nature offers. Connecting to these vital learning processes can help to change and transform diffcult thought patterns, emotional blockages and shift one’s perspective toward mental, emotional and spiritual balance.

SEMINAR CONTENT: Waiata singing, music, Haka dance, meditation, ceremonies of gratitude, light structure exercises and sharing of kai (food).

OJASVIN is Maori from Aotearoa-New Zealand, his tribes are Ngaitupoto, Ngatihine, Te Waiariki and Ngapuhi. His ancestoral traditions go back to the origins of Waitaha and Waiomu. WAIMAANIA was born in Switzerland with Celtic and Germanic roots, resident since 2009 in Aotearoa and is immersed in the Whanau and Tikanga values.

Together they travel the world as official representatives of Maori to offer their unique program to activate potential and awaken consciousness. Both are certified teachers of the school „Min I.L.I.T“ (Yoga of Integral learning and Intuitive Doing) and are part of the Shaman Circle „Cercle de Sagesse“ in France.


Altrip, close to Mannheim (half an hour train commute from Frankfurt)


4th My at 7pm to 6th May 6pm (including dinner)


€ 180 Early Bird Deal valid until 31st March, afterwards € 222

Accomodation (incl. food)

100 Euro for double-bed, 80 Euro Marae/Camping


The seminar is held in English and German, translation into English is provided

What to bring:

Movement friendly clothes, pen and paper, sound recording device (if available) and you can bring a small music instrument/drum if you like.

Registration & Information:

Peter Veselcic, +496236/42082